Carbonnel S.A. is a familial Spanish company, specialized in perfume, aromas creation and production of essentials oils.

We’re built on collective imagination, chemistry, scent and food technology and the drive to push boundaries. Our mission is to deliver innovative products.

Since mid on the 80’s we are the leading company for oriental perfumes (Mukhallats) and non alcoholic fragrances. Nowadays, we are introduced in all the Gulf countries.

Our success is based on three major factors :

  • Stringent quality control on all raw materials used as well as on our final product
  • A personal attention to every customers
  • A constant evaluation of all our creation in regards to the latest in current trends




Carbonnel mainly created oriental perfumes. They specialized through time in those specific scents. An oriental perfume is an opulent fragrance composed of warm sweet notes, vanilla, spices, wood, balsamic notes, powdery and animal notes.


Carbonnel is following the market needs and is equipped with the most sophisticated systems of production. Advanced technology is essential for us to improve through time and satisfied our customers.