Maurice Carbonnel started to work in perfume industry in 1921 in Grasse, and founded in 1925 the Destileras Mauricio Carbonnel S.A. in Spain.

Our company dedicated itself exclusively to the production of essential oils for half century. We were pioneers in the distillation of Mediterranean basin aromatic plants such as spike lavender, rosemary and thyme. We are able to broaden our knowledge and experience through the years in this field.

In 1975, then as Carbonnel S.A., Francisco Carbonnel resumed the work of his father Mauricio Carbonnel, and added to their distillation activity the creation of fragrances and flavours.

Our new challenge was to develop a harmonious blend of natural essential oils and aromatic products of synthetically origin to satisfy the needs of our customers. All of this has forced us to mix the analytical factor with the experience and the creativity of our laboratory.

Since 2010, Christian Carbonnel, perfumer and son of Francisco Carbonnel works and develops the creation of Middle East perfumes.