Francisco Carbonnel

Francisco Carbonnel had the chance to inherit the knowledge of distillation from his father. Then he became producer and commercial of raw materials. Thanks to his closeness with ingredients, he began to create perfumes. He specialized through time in oriental perfumery and he became a reknown expert in this field. He is behind a lot of successes of oriental perfumery.


Christian Carbonnel

Christian Carbonnel have always been in the world of perfumery, thanks to his father Francisco Carbonnel, the perfumer of his own company. He gave him the passion and the talent to create wonderful fragrances. Nowadays, Christian is a renowned perfumer. He dedicated his career to work refined and exceptional fragrances, that suit with the image he had of perfumery.

He started by travelling all around the world, searching for the needs and the future trends of the different markets. Thanks to that, he specialized through time in niche and Oriental perfumes, and is, today, a reference in this discipline. Several houses trust him to his knowhow: Xerjoff, Sospiro, Rancé, Kajal, Casamoratti, Jardins de France, Kemi, Santi Burgas, among others.


Gemma Alañon

Gemma Alañon has been with the Company for 11 years and she was trained and educated by the owner, Francisco Carbonnel. Refined taste and her style as a perfumer leave a strong impression on the Middle and Far East markets.


Rosendo Mateu

Rosendo Mateu is the living image of a self-made man, this is reflected in his work and especially in its perfectionism that touches each of his creations. For 50 years, Mateu has been one of the specialists at Puig, one of the world’s most prestigious perfume companies. Since 2010, he is a “Maître Parfumeur”. He collaborates with Christian Carbonnel since then in many of their niche projects.