Fragrance Orientale perfumery

Carbonnel mainly created oriental perfumes. They specialized through time in those specific scents. An oriental perfume is an opulent fragrance composed of warm sweet notes, vanilla, spices, wood, balsamic notes, powdery and animal notes.

In the Gulf countries, they are different ways to perfume oneself and the atmosphere.

Mukhallat is a common word used to describe an Arabian perfume. It is a mixture of several pure oils that you can find in an oriental fragrance.

Bakhoor is the name given to scented bricks. It’s a mixture of traditional natural ingredients blended with a scent. In Arab countries, Bakhoor is burned in a mabkhara, a traditional incense burner to perfume the home and the clothes.

We produce both of them in the respect of the ancestral cultures and traditions. We engage to do the most beautiful and refine perfume for our customers. We use quality raw materials like musk note, sandalwood, rose, amber, sperm whale ambregris, ambrette, angelica, saffron and denhal oud.