Carbonnel is following the market needs and his equipped with the most sophisticated systems of production, in order to have a complete production automation. Carbonnel’s module allows a simultaneous providing of raw materials using a scale for controlling and calibrating only. This application has the advantage of combining modules that work on a milligram scale with other modules that produce a large quantity of mixture. We produce fast and controlled.

We design an advanced technology and system of production which is composed of 400 drums of 25 Kg, 200 drums of 200 Kg and 25 drums with temperature control. Each of those drums contains different raw materials connected by pipes through a production desk in order to help our workers during the production of our goods. This system helps us to economize time as all the raw materials are stocked in front of our worker’s area. Such system gives also more security in our production process.

Since our first efficient robot in 2000, we are always searching for new high-tech technology to produce quality fragrances. Advanced technology is essential for us to improve through time and satisfied our customers.